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Tonicooks began with a love for good, clean food.

Our unique approach to helping people enjoy savory, nutritious, meals separates us from pack. We reinvent popular food favorites to help you meet your health and fitness goals while also stimulating your taste buds.

At Tonicooks, we’re more than a company; we’re family (literally--75 percent of our staff are actually related.) And, we think of our customers as family too. Our client-centric business is what makes us different, and our reputation and reviews reflect that.

100% made from scratch. 100% of the time.

What we stand for!!

Healthy Food

We provide healthy food to fuel your life because a good diet means you can tackle anything. Setting yourself up with the right food, sets your day off for success.

Fitness Food

Our food has everything you need to power your workout and help you meet your fitness goals.Diet plays a huge part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and our mission is to make the journey easier.

Clean Food

All of our meals include locally sourced ingredients without MSG, refined sugars or processed ingredients. We make everything in house, all the time.

Soul Food

Our menu features popular comfort food favorites, reinvented with your health in mind.The food you grew up without the bad stuff!

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